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January Youth Newsletter

Hello church Family and all those interested in what is going on in our youth department! Below you'll find all our upcoming events and studies in the month of January! If you have any questions, please contact us! -Pastor Bobby Carr

News & Updates

We have a NEW Youth Room! All the renovations to our church youth room are now complete and it looks awesome and functions perfectly for all our needs. All that is missing—is you! Join us every Sunday morning and evening for fun, games, and interactive Bible Studies.

Upcoming Events:

Jan 15th: $50 Camp Deposits Due

Jan 17th: Powered Up Parenting 6:30pm

Jan 25th: Independence Skateway Youth Trip 6:00-8:00pm

Youth Meetings:

1st: No Sunday School or Youth Group.

4th: OFC Bible Study 6:00pm

8th: 9:30am 6:00pm

15th: 930am, 6:00pm (ALL Camp Deposits Due!

18th: OFC Bible Study 6:00pm

22nd:9:30am, 6:00pm

29th: 9:30am, 6:00pm

Join us on Sundays!

Does life ever feel like a never-ending waiting game? Like you’re always waiting to get a little older, to gain a little more freedom, or to find a little more clarity about your future? When you think about the person you’re becoming and what your future holds, do you ever just want to skip ahead in your story to see how it all turns out, who you’ll become, what you’ll do, or what kind of difference you’ll make? In this four-week series, we’ll talk about all the questions, fear, frustration, and excitement that thinking about our futures can bring. As we explore passages from Ecclesiastes, Revelation, and more, we’ll discover four truths about what God has in store for us: we’re all a work in progress, your purpose is to be like Jesus, God’s plans for you are good, and your next step is to get closer with God.

Join us on Wednesdays

This month at the O.F.C. Bible study, we will be learning about God…no duh right. More specifically, we will be learning about how God the Father is loving and perfect. Then we will learn about how God the Son is our Savior and King. Finally, you guessed it, we will learn how God the Holy Spirit is our guide. Join us for free food, fun, and interactive Bible Studies!

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