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January 2024 Youth Newsletter

Join us on Sunday Mornings and Evenings at 9:30am and 6:00pm

Sunday Mornings:

There’s a lot of talk about Identity these days! People are trying to choose their own identity about who they think they are. But who are we really and how can following Jesus shape our Identity? Join us on Sunday mornings for this hot topic!

Sunday Evenings:

Join us on Sunday evenings for fun, games and a Bible Study! We are starting a study on the book of Revelation! End times are always an exciting thing to learn about, but what does the Bible really say about it. . . and what does it not say about it. Join us for this deep dive into the book of Revelation!

Wednesdays at the OFC Building at 6:00pm

Join us at the OFC Center located at 16 Depot St Walton KY for an evening of fun, food, fellowship, and a quick Bible Lesson. This month we will be learning about: knowing what you really believe, being willing to act on your beliefs, acting in a kind and caring way, serving my friends, family, and world.

Upcoming Events:

January 20: Winter Jam (Louisville) Noon-10:00pm

January 23: Powered Up Parenting: Understanding Anxiety and how to help your anxious 6:30pm-8:30pm

Youth Meetings:

Jan 3: OFC Bible Study 6pm

Jan 7: Youth Room 9:30am, 6:pm

Jan 10: OFC Bible Study 6pm

Jan 14: Youth Room 9:30am, 6pm

Jan 20: Winter Jam youth trip! Noon - 10pm

Jan 21: Youth Room 9:30am, 6pm

Jan 23: Powered Up Parenting 6:30-8:30pm

Jan 24: OFC Bible Study

Jan 28: Youth Room 9:30am, 6pm

Jan 31: OFC Bible Study 6pm

Ways for adults to get involved!

· Continue to pray for our youth as they are finally able to start the First Priority Club in the W-V Middle School.

· A couple leaders to help in Children’s church on Sunday mornings and evening as well on Wednesday Nights at the OFC Youth Bible Study.

· Help chaperone the youth trip to Winter Jam

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