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We believe in the gift of the tithe. It is through the obedience of believers we are able to provide ministry in this wonderful community and throughout the world. As the Lord has been generous to us, we have the opportunity to give a portion of that to the local church. Through each tithe and financial gift received, First Baptist Church Walton is able to not only effectively meet needs within our local body and community, but also help meet needs around the world. Through the faithfulness of giving, many doors can be opened, not only in ministry but in the hearts of people. 
For that, we can truly rejoice and be thankful to God.  Join us as we help open doors to reach Walton, its surrounding communities, and the world!

Online Giving Program

F. A. Q's 

Q: What does the financial offerings go to?

A: The church is a non-profit organization. Your gifts and offerings go to the operational costs of the church building, the salary of church staff, the many ministries that the church runs as well as several Kentucky Baptist Convention offerings such as Eliza Broadus, Annie Armstong, and Lottie Moon.  

Q.  Why do we offer online giving?

A.  Today many people do not carry cash or checks.  More and more people are paying for goods and services electronically rather than with cash.  We are offering these options as a service to those and to everyone who wants the convenience of making their gifts to the church electronically.

Q.  What exactly is “online giving?”

A.  Online giving is the ability to contribute to the church by clicking a link on the church website or by sending a text through your smart phone.

Q.  Is it hard to set up online giving?  How do I get started?

A.  Setting up online giving is a one-time process that takes less than 5 minutes.  Just go to and click the “Donate Here” button.  Then follow the easy instructions.

Q.  what will I need to know to set up online giving?

A.  The system will ask a few questions including:
•    How much do you want to give?

•    Is this gift one time or recurring?

•    How do you want to fund the gift (checking or savings account, debit or credit card)?

Q.  Is this safe?  I hear a lot on the news about data breaches and hackers.

A.  No form of payment is completely safe.  Even your cash or checks can be stolen.  But we only considered systems that use the highest level of security available.  Chances are you are already using some form of electronic banking.  Perhaps you pay bills online, check your account balances, transfer funds between accounts, or have your paycheck or social security check direct deposited to your account.  This system uses the same level of security as is used for those transactions.

Q.  Can I only give to the general fund, or can I designate my gifts to thinks like missions, shoebox shipping, etc.?

A.  Currently you can give to the general fund and to selected designated funds.  We plan to add more designated funds in the future.

Q.  Do I have to go to use the website or smart phone every time I want to make a gift?  

A.  No.  You can set up a recurring gift for any amount at any frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.).  Your gift will occur automatically as you instructed until you say to stop.  Even if you can’t make it to church services due to vacation, illness, etc. your gift will still be made.

Q.  Does the church get charges if I use online giving?

A.  Yes, the church incurs fees from the online giving vendor and from the bank.  The vendor we chose has the lowest fees in the industry.  That said, some transactions are more expensive than others.  The most cost-effective way to give is by bank draft (money is transferred electronically from your bank account to the church’s account).  The most expensive way to give is via credit card.  There is also a small transaction fee for each gift.  For example, a weekly gift of $100 by credit card would generate a monthly fee of $8.70.  By comparison, a gift of $450 given monthly and by bank draft would result in a monthly fee of only $2.50.  We strongly encourage the use of bank draft rather than debit or credit card if at all possible.  

Q.  Won’t the church lose money to fees if everyone switches to online giving?

A.  Many churches (including some in our own Northern Kentucky Baptist Association) have been using online giving for sometime now.  All churches that we know of have experienced an increase in giving that more than offsets the fees.  We do not have any requirement to use this system for any period of time (that is, no contracts) so we could always decide to end the program if we feel it is having a negative effect.  We don’t expect that to happen.

Q.  If I give online via bank draft how quickly does the money come out of my bank account?

A.  There is typically a delay of 3-4 days as the payment is processed by the vendor, your bank, and the church’s bank.

Q.  What if I want to stop online giving and go back to cash or check?

A.  No problem.  It’s easy to go back into the system and tell it to stop online payments.

Q.  Will I still get a written annual statement of my gifts for tax purposes.  

A.  Yes.

Q.  Can I still give with cash or check and use my offering envelopes?

A.  Of course!!

Q.  Will we still pass the offering plates during Sunday morning worship service?

A.  Yes.

Q.  What if I have more questions or want help setting this up?

A.  See Lois Goldsberry in the church office (859-485-4191) with questions. All information given to the church will remain completely confidential.  

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